Honey, I Shrank Myself

Do you have a fear of mirrors and swim suits? Is your self-worth a slave to the bathroom scale? If you’ve ever struggled, or are currently struggling, with losing weight, this is for you. A few weeks ago I mentioned my own journey to significantly decreasing my mass and several of you said you’d like to hear more. The secret to my life change is a super complicated equation:

Eating Less + Moving More = Weighing Less

There you have it, my magic bullet. Seems easy, right? That couldn’t be further from the truth. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

It all started as I realized I was creeping up on forty and was unhappy with my physical condition. A friend and I had been on a trip to Australia and I struggled to hike when we were up in the Blue Mountains. To be fair, part of that had to do with needing to have a dodgy ankle fixed, but the majority of it was being overweight. The next year I had surgery on my ankle and then the following year I decided it was time to get serious about getting healthy. It took several small changes, every one of which you can do. I promise!

First, my husband, knowing he was risking bodily injury, had the courage to dispel a delusion I labored under. I always thought I didn’t eat enough to be overweight, but he pointed out that I snacked. A lot. After considering how hard it would be to train a new husband if I buried this one, I realized he was 100% correct. How did I fix that? Daily, I started writing down everything I put into my mouth. And I mean everything.  Each time I reached for another food item, I thought about whether or not I really wanted to have to write it down in my journal. The answer was usually no, so I rarely ate the unhealthy snack, opting instead for a better choice. It helped me identify when I was actually eating out of hunger, which was rarely the case, too. Win-win.

Secondly, no food was off limits. Not a single one. I just became more judicious in how often and how much I ate certain foods; making sandwiches with one piece of bread, replacing chips with apple slices and peanut butter, only having a couple of drinks a week, etc. Simple? Yes. Easy? Not as difficult as I thought it would be.

Third, I started moving more. Walking, ellipticaling, yogaing, stairsing it instead of elevatoring it, parking further away from stores. I also found the Biggest Loser exercise DVDs. (No little stick-figure in the bunch, just a group of visual motivation.) Before I knew it I was feeling, and looking, better.

Fourthly, I stayed off my scale except for once every two weeks or so. I used my clothes, how I felt and my growing physical ability as a gauge of progress. For some a scale is motivating, for me it is an evil discourager – especially when I’m gaining muscle. (Why does muscle have to weigh more than fat?)

Finally, I tried to be kind to myself instead of being critical. In the past if I had overindulged I would decide that the rest of the day didn’t matter, or even the rest of the week. (After all, Monday is the only day to start, right?) I would use poor choices as an excuse to continue making poor choices. Now, I see it only as a blip on a generally healthy record and move on.

There you have it, my silver weight-loss-bullet. It’s not too complicated and reaps dividends you’d never imagine. If you had told a 30 year old me that a 50 year old me could go hike an 8 mile trail in the Rockies I would have told you that you needed to visit my former place of employment – the nut house. Now? I’m striving to be able to do longer hikes. Maybe even an overnight sometime. 

Before we go, let me answer a question I get asked a lot – How do I keep the weight off? Well, when I start to feel my clothes get tighter, I go back to the basics. I even managed to weather the pandemic with no weight gain thanks to my formula.

 I promise you, if I can do this, you can too! Have more questions about my experience? Need some motivation? Hit me up in the comments, I’ll do my best to assist you!

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2 thoughts on “Honey, I Shrank Myself

  1. Yes wise words to live by. We’ve been doing most of that except the exercise which has been a struggle.

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