No Other Choice

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a situation? And then realized you had to just put on your big girl panties and get ‘er done? Yeah, me too. And I must say, despite my belief to the contrary, I have always made it to the other side. Often by the very skin of my teeth, … More No Other Choice

Glasses Don’t Lie

Lately I’ve been grappling with a few questions. Firstly, what do I truly believe about myself? Secondly, how many of those are actually true? Finally, have I allowed any untruths to negatively impact me? You know, just a couple of easy ones to answer – nothing too taxing.  This journey of self-discovery actually started a … More Glasses Don’t Lie

Just Like That

It’s that time of year again, graduation season. I don’t have a graduation in my house this year, but several of my friends’ children are about to graduate from either high school or college. I admit, I’m relieved I’m not expected to attend any of the ceremonies this year. Because honestly, unless one of the … More Just Like That

I Forgot

I forgot a kid today. I guess technically, I just had the wrong time in my brain, but still – I forgot to get a kid to an appointment that I had made. The office had to call me to see if we were coming. I’m certain the receptionist could hear my cheeks reddening as … More I Forgot

Think, Think, Think

Just after the words left my mouth I knew I shouldn’t have said them. Not before; after. As soon as I realized what I had said, I wanted to rip out my vocal chords and never say another thing again. But then I couldn’t talk, and I kind of like to talk, so that wasn’t … More Think, Think, Think