Living My Best Life

Social media seems to have taken over the world. There are some great things about it: connecting with old friends, staying in touch with far away family, sharing funny videos, etc. But it definitely has its downsides as well: lack of face to face communication, spiteful posts, vitriolic rants and discussions, just to name a … More Living My Best Life

Not Today World

I awoke this morning to the horrific news out of Las Vegas. The act of one evil man has robbed at least 50 people of their lives, injured 500+ concert goers and impacted the lives of countless others. And that’s just the beginning of this story. We will know the true toll exacted by this … More Not Today World

The Brick Wall

Into every life some rain must fall. And into every writer’s life, writer’s block must rear its ugly head. Now, I know I’m being incredibly generous calling myself a writer, maybe a fledgling typist would be a more apt description, but I’ve literally hit a wall on a project I’m working on. It feels like … More The Brick Wall