The Beauty of Imperfection

Have I mentioned lately how incredible my tribe is? If not, let me say it now – my tribe is filled with wise, kind and incredibly talented women. This week you get a tiny window into the life of one of these amazing ladies. She is one of my constants and her words never cease to both comfort and challenge me. I know she will do the same for you.

Recently, I got the opportunity to go to Florida. Even in the midst of winter Florida is gloriously warm. Sunshine. Perfect temps. Yes, please and thank you. However, the water temp is a different story, just a wee bit too cold for swimming and snorkeling. There are still plenty of activities to choose nonetheless – hiking, gator hunting, kayaking and plenty more. 

My absolute fave thing to do is collect seashells and rocks. I collect them from all over the world. Every trip I take. I fill my pockets up with these tiny and not so tiny treasures. This trip was no different. 

My Guy helped me find some beautiful little goodies. He was looking for the perfect ones. No dings. No scratches. No holes. He tossed back all those he deemed imperfect. Not me. I only kept the marred beauties. The not so perfect ones. Their beauty lies in their imperfection.

It got me thinking, once again, of how different he and I are and how it beautifully works for us. It also made me think of my life and my people. I find that my most treasured people I have collected along the way are the ones a little tossed around and beat up by life. By circumstances and choices and things beyond their control. How these scars make them even more wonderful and valuable to me. How those blemishes make them full of joy and empathy like none other. They laugh from deep within, they cry and empathize with so many. They are scarred, they are imperfectly perfect. They love with everything they’ve got. And they are beautiful. They are my most favorite collection. 

Feeling blemished? Scarred? Not treasured? Let Shannon know … she knows where to find me and I promise you that I will sit and treasure you. It’s one of my favorite pastimes. 

I told you she was amazing! Please like, share and comment to show her some love. Hopefully we can entice her to share with us again! Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss a new post. Thank you!!

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