25 Years of Motherhood

Do you remember what it was like to turn 25? I have vague recollection of it, but I’m acutely aware that my eldest, the girl child, is now a quarter of a century old. How did that happen? I’m not old enough to be celebrating the silver anniversary of my Motherhood. Right? Apparently I am. At least according to my drivers license. And my passport. And my birth certificate. I may need to find a good forger to remedy that. Know any?

While I could go on for a while bemoaning my own age, I’m going to focus on the journey it took to shepherd my favorite daughter to the half century mark. In honor of this momentous occasion I present (in random order ‘cuz that’s how I roll) the 25 best things I’ve learned and experienced as a mom since my daughter’s birth. 

  1. The moment she was born is when I finally understood how much my mom loves me. My heart grew bigger that day. Just like it did nearly two years later when the boy child arrived.
  2. Her birth was memorable for many – including the midwife that cared for us. She still told the story of that fateful day over a decade later to students that came through her birth center. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she still talks about it even though she’s now retired. I may tell you about it here some day.
  3. Toll roads are the devil. Especially when you have to pay with coins and you’re in the throes of labor.
  4. I would lay my life down for my child.
  5. There is no greater joy than making your child laugh.
  6. Parenting never ends. It changes, but it never ends, nor gets easier.
  7. It’s an incredible blessing to get to the point where you can be friends with your kid.
  8. I’m never more proud than when I think about my children.
  9. The combination of the husband’s and my DNA make for some pretty attractive, and intelligent, progeny.
  10. However, DNA is a two way street. Sorry for the shoddy joints and eczema kids! 
  11. The most painful thing I’ve ever experienced is watching my kids suffer. Physically or emotionally.
  12. I will never stop championing my kids.
  13. A simple text from my kid can turn a bad day around.
  14. Watching my daughter embrace married life – with all its ups and downs, sacrifices and compromises – is inspiring.
  15. Cookies are magic.
  16. Eventually, even the meanest mom in the world will be thanked for her efforts to create stability and order in the lives of her kids.
  17. Yes is easier to say, but No is often more important.
  18. Laughing with your kids cures the blues.
  19. Don’t be afraid to dance your heart out in the living room, kitchen, car, grocery store aisle, or wherever the mood strikes.
  20. 20. “The look” is real and powerful. It can wordlessly correct a misbehaving child from across the room.
  21. The best way to view your child’s marriage is as gaining another child, not losing one.
  22. Treat your kids with respect and they will respect you.
  23. Make your kids look words up in the dictionary. They’ll thank you later for their large vocabulary. (But make sure you have a kid friendly dictionary.)
  24. Mothering is easier when you have a tribe of strong women supporting you.
  25. Every kid deserves Totally Chocolate Dinner at least once in their life.

I could honestly go on for days about how life has changed and improved since that night the girl was born. Motherhood is a lifelong marathon and it’s full of every conceivable emotion, but it is worth every single shred of time, Herculean effort, and yes, tears. 

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl. May you never spend a moment outside of the knowledge that you are greatly loved.

How about you? I’d love to hear about your own parenthood journey, or memories you have of your own parents in the comments.

As always, please like, share, comment and subscribe! You will have my eternal gratitude. xx

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