Dear Mr. Sun

Dear Mr. Sun,

I saw you peeking out of the clouds this morning, so I know you’re still up there. It’s been so long since you graced us with your presence that I’ve begun to worry about you. Your tears have fallen for weeks now and are collecting everywhere I turn. Some of them have even made their way into my house. It seems like you’re very sad, is there something I can do to help? 

Depression is not to be taken lightly. If that’s what’s going on with you I’m here to offer you an ear, and a referral if need be. I also have a Costco size load of Kleenex if that would be of assistance. My yard is already a mud pit and it would appreciate a little break from being your absorbent material of choice. 

If the bucketloads of water falling to the ground are actually tears of joy, think you could spread it around a little? With the overabundance of clouds and lack of your bright rays we’ve all begun to feel a little morose. Even those with the sunniest (pun definitely intended) of dispositions is ready to blow their top. Not to mention the frustration of my dogs, and the weariness of my junk towels that sit in a muddy mound by the backdoor. 

Whatever the reason for your continued withdrawal from my world, I beg of you to address the underlying issue and come back to me.The sunflowers need. you. I need you. My fellow Texans need you. And if this behavior is a manifestation of your frustration with my frequent complaints about your seeming ever-present heat, from the bottom of my heart, I apologize. I’m sorry for blaming you for my late summer crankiness. It’s not you, it’s me. I will attempt to refrain from blaming you for my issues. I promise to do better.

No matter the reason for your disappearance, we can get you through this. There’s no need to continue hiding behind the clouds. It will all be okay. You just need to come back. I’m begging you. On my knees. In the mud. Please, please, please come back!

With all of my heart,


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