Hot Off the Presses

It’s here! It’s finally here!!

As hard as it is (particularly for me) to believe there is a real life book with my name on the cover available on Amazon, and myriad other internet sites, in both ebook and paperback formats.

My amazingly talented professorial friend Angela Mitakidis and I have worked for several years to bring her vision to life. It took long hours, massive editing (thanks Lisa!), several bottles of wine, many fits and starts, and one Dr. (thanks Michael!) to shepherd us through the publishing part, but we did it. This fall Angela’s Family Conflict students will have a real life, honest to goodness book for her class. And I finally finished something! Ha!

But now I have to sell some. Ugh. I swear this is the worst part as I’m terrible at self-promotion (thanks Imposter Syndrome – but more on that in an upcoming post). This is hopefully where all you kind people come in. I’d really appreciate it if you’d check out our book when you can. You can even download a sample before committing to a purchase. And, if you’d like a signed paperback copy, holler at me – you’ll save some money, Angela and I will get a little more and that’s one less sale sacrificed to the evil online empire. I have several on hand that I’m happy to trade for some cash. Yes cash, ‘cuz my response to a cash app payment request is always, “What’s a Venmo?” 

If the book’s not your cup of tea, I totally get it, but maybe you know someone who would enjoy it, or could benefit from it. After all, none of us gets out of this life without dealing with a little, okay a lot for some of us, conflict. No matter your stage in life or family situation our book contains some great tools for dealing with conflict. Most of them backed by both science and our own experience.

If you do purchase it from one of the online stores, it would be amazing if you left us a review. Hopefully a good one, but I’ll leave that decision up to you. It helps sales and with those pesky algorithms that seem to rule the world these days.

So, that’s it for today. I’ll put a couple of links down below to make it even easier on you fine folk.

As always, I’d love for you to like, share and/or leave a comment on this post. Yep, algorithms again. Thanks!

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