On The Move

DCIM113GOPROThe new year is a time of to start fresh and make change. In the spirit of that idea, I shared with you a couple of weeks ago that I have adopted the word “Finish” as my word of the year and my personal goal to be sure I finish what I start.

This week, I did not manage to finish the blog I was scheduled to post yesterday. As I was self-flagellating last night, I realized that perhaps, I need to make a change in my schedule. Mondays used to be a great day for me to get some writing done. I’ve discovered of late, that is no longer the truth. Mondays are often filled with the things that didn’t get done over the weekend, thereby removing any time I have to work on my writing, either on the personal side (i.e., my blog), or on the professional side (i.e, my big project).

I decided this morning that instead of shaming myself, I need to extend myself grace, and take some time to figure out what my schedule needs to look like. Monday is definitely not a good day to plan to post. Over the next few weeks, I am going to experiment with different days. Hopefully I will manage to get back into a rhythm that works and return to a regular posting schedule.

During this period of transition, I will continue to post links to my blog on Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram (when I remember.) If you don’t want to miss one, you can go to the blog site and subscribe to my blog. You will get an email alerting you to a new post and even a link that will take you straight to the post.

I appreciate all the encouragement I have received in this endeavor and for the time you take to read and share my posts each week. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Hope you have a fantastic week. See you soon!


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