Beware the Stick Shift

“Never have sex in a car. Especially not a stick shift,” I blurted out while watching the movie 27 Dresses with my ailing girl child several years ago. I don’t think I need to spoiler alert this since the movie is nearly a decade old, but just in case. **Spoiler Alert** The two main characters attempt to hookup in a VW bug. Thus my outburst.

While it was funny at the time, I got to thinking later about how it contained a kernel of wisdom. During our late teens and early twenties, sexual desire seems to be a constant companion. Problem is, we usually share space with so many other people, from parents to siblings and roommates, there’s no private place in which to get busy. Therefore, many a teen has lost his or her virginity in the backseat of a car.

If the only place you can find to have sex due to limited private space is a car, perhaps you’re not really prepared to have sex. (Rest assured I’m not talking about married/more mature couples, because there’s no denying the allure of enjoying the usually taboo vehicle assisted hanky panky. Particularly when there are toddlers and a baby sitter at home.) After all, barring some truly rare medical situation, there’s no 100% effective method of birth control other than abstinence. Every encounter could lead to a baby; just ask the couple in the VW commercial I’ve attached to this post. And I don’t know many roommates that are really down for you ruining your singles pad vibe by introducing your unplanned progeny to the mix.

Another aspect of the no car sex advice that is important to note is the commitment of the individuals involved. If you are in a committed relationship and have mutually decided the time is right to add the sexual component to your relationship, then you ought to be able to find somewhere else to play hide the salami. The no car rule can help you keep from making a rash decision that you will regret later. If you can’t wait long enough to find another place, then you may need to take a breather. It’s easy to be swept away by a passionate moment with no thought to the long-term implications of your dalliance.

Finally, the stick shift. I mean come on, who wants one of those poking them in a sensitive place? Seriously, unless it’s a high dollar sports car, it’s not worth the risk of becoming the case of the week on an episode of “Sex Sent Me to the ER.”


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