The Snuggie

I love cold weather. Like REALLY love it. But I hate to be cold. It’s incredibly oxymoronic, I know, but it’s built into the fabric of who I am. Sweaters, coats, and warm pajamas all help me deal with my dueling desires. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without a warm blanket to snuggle into on a cold day.

The world is often cold, harsh and lonely. In certain seasons of life it’s easy to feel as if you’re walking through a winter storm with no end in sight. Whether that feeling lasts for a few moments, or a few years, we all experience it. During my coldest days, I find that I am exceptionally grateful for a particular member of My Tribe – The Snuggie.

When I feel frost bite looming, I need do nothing more than grab my mobile and phone my Snuggie. Armed with her calming presence and willingness to come whenever called, she’s a necessity. Never underestimate the power of good company and hot tea combined with unfettered couch time. It brings warmth to even the coldest of days.

One of the beautiful things about having a Snuggie is that they usually know you well enough that they can cater to whatever need you have. If it’s a shoulder to cry on, they arrive tissue in hand. Mad as hell? She provides some righteous indignation, followed by the rationale to talk you down from even the craziest of plans for vengeance. In need of some words of wisdom? This friend is ready and wiling to lay them on you. Just need someone to sit quietly with? She revels in the sounds of silence and the act of just being. And best of all the Snuggie makes house calls.

It’s easy to overlook the importance of the Snuggie role in a Tribe, but it’s an essential one. Thankfully, I have a few in mine and under their tutelage, I am learning to be one myself.

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