My Tribe

One of my greatest blessings in life is the myriad of diverse people that are in my social sphere. From all walks of life, backgrounds, belief systems, etc. I am surrounded by diversity and appreciate what each individual brings to my life.

But I must be honest, I have a few people in my life that I’m closer to. Some of them are connected to each other, and others are not. This core group of individuals make up the center from which most of my other relationships sprout. Some are cherished, long held friendships, some are newer, but no less important friendships. Some are people I’m in regular contact with, while others I may only talk to once in a long while, but they are always there. Supporting me, challenging me, championing me, holding me to account, laughing with me & sometimes narrowly avoiding jail with me. In short they make up My Tribe.

In this series, as sporadic as I know it will be, of posts, I would like to introduce you to the members of My Tribe. The beauty of the big bag of Skittles that is my social circle is that we move between many of the different roles I will describe. I am truly, immeasurably blessed and I hope this will be a little window into why. Hopefully it will help you to appreciate your own Tribe. And if you find yourself without one, I pray it will encourage you to find your own people. The ones you can be your authentic, warts & all, self with.

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