On The Move

DCIM113GOPROThe new year is a time of to start fresh and make change. In the spirit of that idea, I shared with you a couple of weeks ago that I have adopted the word “Finish” as my word of the year and my personal goal to be sure I finish what I start.

This week, I did not manage to finish the blog I was scheduled to post yesterday. As I was self-flagellating last night, I realized that perhaps, I need to make a change in my schedule. Mondays used to be a great day for me to get some writing done. I’ve discovered of late, that is no longer the truth. Mondays are often filled with the things that didn’t get done over the weekend, thereby removing any time I have to work on my writing, either on the personal side (i.e., my blog), or on the professional side (i.e, my big project).

I decided this morning that instead of shaming myself, I need to extend myself grace, and take some time to figure out what my schedule needs to look like. Monday is definitely not a good day to plan to post. Over the next few weeks, I am going to experiment with different days. Hopefully I will manage to get back into a rhythm that works and return to a regular posting schedule.

During this period of transition, I will continue to post links to my blog on Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram (when I remember.) If you don’t want to miss one, you can go to the blog site and subscribe to my blog. You will get an email alerting you to a new post and even a link that will take you straight to the post.

I appreciate all the encouragement I have received in this endeavor and for the time you take to read and share my posts each week. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Hope you have a fantastic week. See you soon!


One Mimosa To Go Please

pexels-photo-2This past Saturday morning some DOD employee in Hawaii caused mass panic when he accidentally hit the button to warn the islands of an inbound missile attack. Every phone in Hawaii went off warning of impending doom with the message stating, “This is not a drill.”

I lived in Hawaii for a few years as a teenager. It’s a great place, but not one you want to be in when a nuclear missile hits it. Or maybe, if you’re like Stephen Falken, a character in the movie War Games, you do. “I’ve planned ahead. We’re just three miles from a primary target. A millisecond of brilliant light and we’re vaporized. Much more fortunate than millions who wander sightless through the smoldering aftermath. We’ll be spared the horror of survival.”

I have to be honest and say that I’m in the Dr. Falken camp. With one, small, tweak: I want to be far enough away to get to see the explosion, but close enough for that to be the last thing I see. I have no desire to survive a nuclear holocaust. The movies don’t make it look very fun. (And I would look terrible completely bald. Thanks cracked and poorly remodeled skull.)

The whole situation spurred on thoughts of times I’ve faced crisis in my life. Sometimes I’ve done it with grace and aplomb, other times I’ve completely broken down, but most often I’ve found ways to laugh about it. There is one time I reacted with anger. Although, in my defense, it would be difficult for anyone to not be angered by watching her husband and brother go out to look at the tornado threatening their house while she corralled two toddlers, two dogs and two cats into the closet by herself. I remember yelling at them as they headed out the front door, “How am I supposed to teach these kids to take shelter when you two dumbasses are putting on coats and running out into a tornado?” Admittedly, I was a little jealous they got to go outside while I had to be the adult. Especially since I tend to agree with my brother’s philosophy – he’d rather go out riding a tornado than by being buried under the destruction it leaves in its wake.

I spent a while today perusing social media posts that came out of Hawaii on Saturday. There were all types of reactions, but I found myself drawn to those that contained acceptance of their fate, or silver linings. One dad recorded a goodbye message to his family and then continued his round of golf. Another young man posted he was sharing shelter with none other than Michael Jordan. Still another described checking his phone, and deciding to go back to sleep. What better way to go gentle into that good night?

The post I felt the most kinship with was actually a text from a father to his son. Dad was in Hawaii on vacation, while the son was back on the mainland (the proper name for the continental U.S. if you’re from Hawaii) concerned for his father’s safety. Upon learning of the missile threat, the dad did the only sensible thing he could think of: he walked through the chaos of the front lobby as people ran for their lives, went to the dining room, and took advantage of the short breakfast buffet line. That, ladies and gentleman, is my kind of guy. If we’re going to die, let’s do it with a full stomach, mimosa in hand, in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

These days the world is a scary place. But I refuse to let it stop me from enjoying life and taking advantage of fortuitous circumstance. I hope you’ll join me in embracing the positive, and giving a big middle finger to the negative. If so, I’ll be sure to save you some coconut pancakes, and a mimosa, of course.

A Time to Finish


Last year I started a new tradition for myself – identifying a theme word for the year.  I find it kind of funny that my Facebook feed has recently been awash with people sharing the word a new Facebook app identified for them to use for their new year. Coincidence? Possibly, but I choose to believe I am a trendsetter.

Anyhoo, it’s a new year, so I need a new word. Last year I used “Courage.” I have a long history of allowing fear to stop me in my tracks. Fear of the unknown; fear of failure; even, ironically, fear of success. At the beginning of 2017 I declared that I would no longer allow fear to rule my life. I do not regret that choice.

My first act of courage was starting this blog. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I was always too afraid to share anything with anyone, so I either failed to do any writing, or hid what I had produced away. Honestly, I’m still surprised when people tell me they enjoy the things I write and share here. Not only has it been personally satisfying, but I am completely blown away by the opportunities that have landed in my lap as a result of this endeavor. The support and encouragement I have received has truly blessed me. And best of all, I have this blog to thank for a couple of other projects I’m working on. I had no idea that one little step of faith could help me transition into the next phase of my life. I may not be ready to go bungee jumping, but I’m going to put last year in the Win Column.

Now onto this year. I spent the last month dealing with illness. Every day I woke up and asked myself, “Am I finished being sick yet?” The answer is still not yes, but I am definitely much better today than I was even a week ago. My desire to be done with being ill is what got me thinking about all the things that I leave half done. I’m a great starter, but I have a little trouble on the finishing end of things. Some call it the curse of ADD, others pure laziness, but either way, it’s completely and totally annoying. I decided this is the year I face this tendency head on. My word for 2018 is: FINISH.

I vow, to the very best of my ability, to finish what I start. No more half-cleaned out closets. No more piles of paper left from cleaning up the office. No more shoes strewn about the living room because I ran out of steam to get them into the closet. No more half-eaten cakes left to waste on the counter (sorry waistline). No more vegetables needing to be chopped languishing in the vegetable drawer, doomed to grace the bottom of my garbage bin (you’re welcome heart). No more half-read books on the nightstand (you’re welcome husband). The half-assery ends here. I will finish things.

I have a long list of things I need to finish. In fact, I even have a list started of things I need to get done around here somewhere. Of course, it’s not finished though. It’s probably in one of those piles in the office, or on the top of the book pile in the bedroom. I guess I’ll start with that list. As soon as I finish the cup of tea I’m about to brew. That’s a task I know I can complete.



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